Published papers and reports on ceramics

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SCCAS Report Series

Anderson, S., 1998, Mill Lane, Thetford, The Pottery. SCCAS Report No. 98/44 [for Norfolk Archaeological Unit]

Anderson, S., 2001, Dragon Hall, Norwich (Site 449N). Reports on the Pottery and Ceramic Building Material. SCCAS Report No. 2001/4.

Unpublished Archive Reports

For: [SCCAS] - Suffolk C.C. Archaeological Service; [NAU]/[NPS] - Norfolk Archaelogical Unit, now NAU Archaeology (NPS); [HAT]/[ArcSol] - Hertfordshire Archaeological Trust/Archaeological Solutions; [RPSC] - RPS Clouston; [BHAM] - Birmingham Archaeology; [NETW] - Network Archaeology; [COTS] - Cotswold Archaeological Trust; [CAU] - Cambridge Archaeological Unit; [CFA] - CFA Archaeology Ltd; [OAE] - Oxford Archaeology East; [AOC] - AOC Archaeology Ltd; [HW] - Heather Wallis; [NOR] - Norvic Archaeology; [JNAS] - John Newman; [L-P] - L-P Archaeology; [NAT] - Norfolk Archaeological Trust.


Post-Roman pottery/finds reports for the following sites [all SCCAS unless otherwise noted]:

  • Acton: Albany House, High St (ACT 031) [JNAS]
  • Aldeburgh: Britten Pears Library (ADB181) [NPS]; 229 High St (ADB187)
  • Aldringham: Aldringham Lane (ARG020); West of the Parrot and Punchbowl (ARG021); Old Holmes Road, Thorpeness (ARG058)
  • Badwell Ash: Quarry (BAA013)
  • Ballingdon: Ballingdon Bridge (BCB012)
  • Barking: Gallows Hill (BRK104); Lakeview Lodge (BRK106); Barking Hall (BRK107)
  • Barton, Great: Conyers Green (BRG004); Moreton Hall estate (BRG024, 027)
  • Baylham: Ipswich to Cedars Park Pipeline (BAY037)
  • Bawdsey: Land adj Martello View, The Street (BAW167) [JNAS]
  • Bealings, Little: Kesgrave Quarry (BEL026)
  • Beccles: Ravensmere (BCC030); Exchange Square (BCC032); Waveney House (BCC035)
  • Bedfield: Land adj the Old Rectory, Long Green (BED025) [JNAS]; Land adj Daisy Cottage, Long Green (BED027) [JNAS]
  • Benacre: Land adjacent Benacre Wood, Benacre (BNC047); Reservoir adj. to Benacre Park Farm (BNC048)
  • Blythburgh: 1 Station Road (BLB036); White Hart (BLB038); Amberley, Dunwich Road (BLB094)
  • Botesdale: The Drift (BOT030) [JNAS]
  • Brandon: Staunch Meadow (BRD018); Sports Centre (BRD071); Game Farm (BRD154); Tesco site (BRD156); Coulson Lane (BRD164); Woodcock Rise (BRD165); Access to Brandon Leisure Centre (BRD170)
  • Brampton: Moated site, Hill Farm (BRP006)
  • Brockley: Brockley Place (BKY 024) [NPS]
  • Bromeswell: Sutton Hoo Visitor Centre (BML018); Low Farm (BML019)
  • Brundish: Manor (BUH020)
  • Bungay: Priory Lane (BUN040); Stow Park (BUN041-042); Fore Building, Bungay Castle (BUN044); Outney Road (BUN046); Old Cinema, Broad Street (BUN054)
  • Burgh: The Forge (BUG028)
  • Bury PZ Scheme (various sites) [NPS]
  • Bury St. Edmunds: Priory Hotel (BSE014); Moyses Hall (BSE024); Cathedral (BSE052); St. Mary's Square (BSE117 & 201); St. Edmund's Nursing Home (BSE 127); Eldohouse (BSE131); Raingate Street (BSE144); Churchgate Street (BSE150 & 288); Risbygate St. (BSE153, 210 & 390); Fornham Priory (BSE154); 7-11 Westgate Street (BSE155); St. Botolph's Lane (BSE159); Tollgate (BSE164); Angel Hotel (BSE168 & 231); Lathbury Institute (BSE175); Bridewell Lane (BSE177); Garland Street (BSE178); Guildhall St. (BSE 179, 209 & 224); Andrews & Plumpton (BSE181); High Baxter Street (BSE183, BSE202); Cullum Road (BSE187); College St. (BSE 197, 212 & 214); Drovers Went (BSE199); The Maltings (BSE200); Cotton Lane (BSE204); Guildhall (BSE206); Risbygate (BSE210); Brentgovel St (BSE215); Warrens Yard (BSE217); Out Risbygate (BSE218); St Andrews St. (BSE219); Sparhawk St (BSE220); Priors Lodge (BSE222); Crown St (BSE225); Eastgate Barns (BSE229); Chequer Square (BSE230); Lawsons Yard (BSE233); Cattlemarket (BSE252); Honey Hill (BSE262); Peckham Street (BSE353); St Peter's House (BSE367); Shire Hall (BSE375); Record Office (BSE376); Manson House (BSE381); Southgate St (BSE384) [NOR]; Risbygate Street Car Park (BSE390); 33 Southgate St (BSE423) [JNAS]; 5-6 Looms Lane (BSE424) [JNAS]; Abbeygate Street (BSE442); Guildhall (BSE473); Guildhall Feoffment Primary School (BSE493)
  • Capel St Mary: Land East of Days Road (CSM030) [CAU]
  • Carlton Colville: Persimmon/Warmes Homes sites (CAC017-018, 020); Bypass (CAC001, 025–028); Carlton Hall (CAC004); Bloodmoor Hill (CAC016); St Peter's Rd (CAC030)
  • Cavenham: Quarry (CAM040)
  • Charsfield: Land adj. Topos (CHA017)
  • Chelsworth: The Old School (CHW011) [JNAS]; 74 The Street (CHW014) [JNAS]
  • Chevington: Hall Farm (CHV021)
  • Chilton: County Farm (CHT009); Churchfields Road (CHT014); site CHT021
  • Clare: Coalyard (CLA031); Playgrounds, Clare Castle (CLA035); Clare Priory (CLA037)
  • Claydon: Burnside (CLY031) [JNAS]
  • Coddenham: School Road (CDD010); Vicarage Farm (CDD022); Shrubland Hall Quarry (CDD050); Ipswich to Cedars Park Pipeline (CDD068)
  • Combs: Ebbs House (COM004)
  • Coney Weston: Site CNW017
  • Corton: Stirrups Lane (COR024)
  • Cratfield: School Farm (CRT026) [NPS]
  • Creeting St. Mary: St Olave’s Church (CRM006)
  • Culford: Culford School hockey pitch (CUL 051)
  • Dallinghoo: Moat Farm (DLL001)
  • Darsham: (DAR035)
  • Debenham: Site DBN103; Winston Road (DBN132)
  • Dennington: Dennington Place (DNN007)
  • Denston: Denston Hall (DNT003)
  • Dunwich: Site DUN023; Greyfriars (DUN025); St James' Street (DUN099) [JNAS]
  • East Bergholt: B1070 Anglian Water Replacement Scheme (EBG 041) [NPS]
  • Ellough: Airfield (ELO003-004)
  • Elveden: Eldon Cottage Reservoir (ELV025)
  • Eriswell: various sites at RAF Lakenheath (ERL101, 106, 107, 116)
  • Erwarton: Land north of the Street(ARW064)
  • Euston: Euston Brick Kilns (EUN 035)
  • Eye: Langton Grove Farm (EYE063) & (EYE117) [JNAS]; 37 Castle Street (EYE065); Land North of Langton Lodge, Victoria Hill (EYE070); School (EYE083)
  • Farnham: Land adjacent to George & Dragon (FNM014)
  • Felixstowe: Landguard Fort (FEX064 & 162)
  • Flixton: Quarry (FLN013, 053, 056, 057-064, 086, 088–090)
  • Fornham All Saints: Aldridge Lane (FAS031)
  • Framlingham: Site FML025; Bridge Street (FML027); Community Centre, Church St (FML039); 47-55 College Road (FML042); 42 Double Street (FML055) [JNAS]
  • Freckenham: Community Woodland (FRK037 and 044); Mildenhall–Isleham pipeline (FRK 092) [NPS]
  • Friston: Barbers Point (FRS001)
  • Gedding: Gedding Hall brick kiln (GDD012)
  • Gisleham: Manor House (GSE001)
  • Gislingham: Oak Farm (GSG039) [NPS]; Oak House Farm (GSG041) [NPS]
  • Great Blakenham: Addison Way (BLG024)
  • Great Cornard: Sudbury Rugby Ground (COG028/030)
  • Hadleigh: 98 Benton Street (HAD057); Aldham Mill Hill (HAD059); Lady Lane (HAD061); 56 George Street (HAD065); 75 Angel Street (HAD066); Beestons Bus Depot, Long Bessels (HAD071); Deanery Lodge (HAD132) [JNAS]
  • Halesworth: Prime and Cowles Garage (HWT018); Church Farm (HWT019); No 1 Chediston St (HWT040) [JNAS]
  • Haughley: School (HGH015)
  • Haverhill: Bypass (STU HB95 - Essex site); Burton End (HVH035-039); St. Botolph's (HAT245) [HAT]
  • Hinderclay: Rickinghall Road (HNY027)
  • Hintlesham: Silver Birches (HNS027)
  • Hollesley: The Fox (HLY033)
  • Honington: Site Adj. 8 Troston Rd (HNN014)
  • Hoxne: Abbey Farm (HXN004); Cross Street (HXN044) [NPS]
  • Icklingham: Canada Farm Reservoir (IKL131)
  • Ipswich: Ipswich Airport (IPS 024, 386, 390, 391, 399, 404-406); Whitehouse Road (IPS247); Handford Road (IPS280); Lovetofts Drive (IPS283); Valley Road (IPS289); Bishops Hill (IPS291); St Peter's St. (IPS305); Westerfield (IPS393); Sacker’s Yard, Bramford Road (IPS395); Land between Edward Close and Bramford Road (IPS453); Coytes Gardens (IPS462); Highfields Nursery, Castle Hill (IPS463); Thurleston High School (IPS504); Littles Crescent (IPS 525) [NPS]; Eastern Triangle (IPS605); St Mary’s Church (IPS 661) [NPS]; Burlington Road (IPS Misc); Ipswich cemetery (IPS Misc); St Lawrence (IAS2501); St. Peter's Church (IAS2902); Cox Lane Car Park (IAS3412); Friars Lane (IAS4102); Wolsey Street (IAS5003 & 5501); Cardinal Park (IAS5305); Neptune Quay (IAS6601); Half Moon (IAS7013); St George's St. (IAS7017); St Margaret's Church (IAS7806); Boss Hall (IAS7914); Cobbold St (IAS8520); London Road (IAS9615)
  • Ixworth: Riverside Paddocks, Stow Rd (IXW005); Pipeline (IXT031, IXW043 & 044)
  • Kedington: Risbridge Home (KDG019)
  • Kentford: Kentford Lodge (KTD019)
  • Kersey: The Mount, The Row (KSY024) [JNAS]; Park Place, Church Hill (KSY027) [JNAS]
  • Lackford: A-S Cemetery (LKD001); Quarry (LKD038)
  • Lakenheath: Anchor Lane (LKH202); RAF Lakenheath (LKH191, 194, 207, 223); Sandpits (LKH 220); Lakenheath Hall (LKH230)
  • Lavenham: The Grove, Lady Street (LVM036); 50 High Street(LVM038); Church Glebe Meadow (LVM042); Lavenham Press, Water St. (LVM043); Salisbury House (LVM???) [JNAS]; 5 Prospect View, The Common (LVM060) [JNAS]
  • Lawshall: Lawshall Hall (LWL028)
  • Laxfield: Land to rear of Royal Oak (LXD040); Park Field Farm, Dennington Road (LXD086)
  • Leiston: Chapel Hill, Minsmere (LCS002); Greater Gabbard Wind Farm Onshore Works, Sizewell Wents (LCS148); Leiston Substation 132kv Cable Route, Sizewell (LCS150); Sizewell (LCS219)
  • Levington: Home Farm, Nacton (LVT036)
  • Little Wratting: Pipeline (WTL005)
  • Long Melford: Parsonage Farm (LMD007); Land to the rear of Wrights (LMD136); Almacks (LND137, 157); The Yellow House (LMD151); Reservoir (LMD191) [NPS]; Land adj to 42 High St (LMD221) [JNAS]
  • Lowestoft: 63 High St (LWT 158) [NPS]; 283 Whapload Road (LWT 165) [NPS]; Pakefield School (LWT169); Compass Street (LWT183) [NPS]; Northern Spine Road (LWT 270)
  • Martlesham: BT Earthstations (MRM053); Park and Ride (MRM075)
  • Mellis: Church (MLS012); Little Laurels (MLS013)
  • Melton: Bury Hill (MTN002)
  • Mendlesham: Front Street (MDS144); 32 Front St (MDS158) [JNAS]
  • Mettingham: Castle test pits
  • Mildenhall: Warren Lodge (MNL134); Catchwater Drain (MNL479); Smoke House, Beck Row (MNL505); RAF Mildenhall sites (MNL464, 491, 494, 505, 513); 30 Acre Field (MNL532); 16 Mill Street (MNL674); Sainsbury site (MNL691) [COTS]
  • Moulton: Packhorse Bridge (MUN 008) [NPS]
  • Nacton: Quarry (NAC052)
  • Nayland: Court Knoll (NYW006); Wiston Hall, Wissington (NYW 007); Gravel Hill (NYW031)
  • Newmarket: Marlborough Club (NKT004); Palace House (NKT005); Golden Lion (NKT009); Land off George Lambton Avenue (NKT011)
  • Newton: Whisper Wood (NEN008) [JNAS]
  • Orford: 71 Broad Street (ORF002); Dunrovin (ORF028); Castle Hill (ORF032); 3-4 Quay Street (ORF034); Castle (ORF054); Chantry Barns, Broad St (ORF105) [AOC]; Mallets Lane (ORF110); Quay St (ORF126) [JNAS]
  • Otley: Hall (OTY005)
  • Pakenham: Ixworth Repeater Station (PKM027)
  • Peasenhall: Smythe Works (PSH012)
  • Pettistree: Loudham Lane (PTR025)
  • Polstead: Steps Farm (PLS031)
  • Preston St. Mary: Preston Manor (PSM001) [JNAS]; Priory Farm (PSM002, 025)
  • Purdis Farm: Murrill’s Road (PFM008); Land south of Hillingdon House (PFM020) [JNAS]
  • Ramsholt: Foreshore (RMS032)
  • Redgrave: Old Garage (RGV043)
  • Reydon: Potters Bridge (REY070)
  • Rickinghall Inferior: Bypass (RKN026); West Street (RKN030)
  • Rickinghall Superior: Co-op (RKS028); Maypole Meadow (RKS047) [JNAS]
  • Rougham: Two Mile Spinney [RPSC]
  • Rushbrooke: Treatment Works (RBK020)
  • Semer: Semer Bridge (SMR024)
  • Shelley: Hall (SHY001)
  • Southwold: Replacement Water Main (SWD 056)
  • Spexhall: Manor (SPX012)
  • Stanningfield: The Old Rectory (SNN011)
  • Stoke-by-Clare: Stoke College (SBC031)
  • Stoke-by-Nayland: pipeline (SBN083)
  • Stowmarket: Cedars Field Moat (SKT011); Cedars Park (SKT036-043) [ArcSol]; Sheringham Court (SKT058)
  • Stradbroke: Home Farm (SBK005) [JNAS]; Waveney Cottage (SBK040) [JNAS]
  • Stratford St. Andrew: Site SSA010
  • Stratford St. Mary: East Bergholt pipeline (SSM001)
  • Stratton: Hall (SNH013)
  • Sudbourne: Site SUE113
  • Sudbury: St. Bartholomew’s Priory (SUY002); Hardwick House (SUY047); 34-35 King Street (SUY054); Sewers (SUY057); Weavers Lane (SUY058); Priory Walk (SUY069)
  • Sutton: Sutton Hoo pipeline (SUT036); The Old Rising Sun, Plough Lane (SUY108) [JNAS]; Lower Ground Reservoir (SUT114)
  • Tattingstone: Folly Farm (TAT020)
  • Theberton: Farm Reservoir, Theberton Hall Farm (THB021)
  • Thorpe Morieux: Land adjacent the Bull Inn (TMX 017)
  • Trimley St. Mary: Parker Avenue (TYY021); Blofield Hall (TYY025-029); Marshes (TYY072-073)
  • Trimley St. Martin: Site TYN029
  • Tuddenham: Hill Farm Reservoir (TDD009)
  • Walberswick: Church (WLB014); Lilliput, Lodge Road (WLB061); Kermont, The Street, (WLB074) [JNAS]; Land off the Street (WLB086) [NPS]
  • Walsham le Willows: Elmside Farm (WLW093 & 095)
  • Wangford with Henham: Quarry (WNF021)& (WNF 023); Little Priory, Church St (WNF 028)
  • Washbrook: Copdock Interchange (WSH012)
  • Wenham, Great: Tudor Cottage (WMM006)
  • Wenhaston: Post Office Cottage (WMH037) [JNAS]
  • West Stow: Museum (WSW030 and 076)
  • Westley: Westley Hall Farm (WLY011) [JNAS]
  • Weybread: Land adjacent to Mona Cottage (WYB004); Greenacres, The Street (WYB055)
  • Wherstead: Valley Farm (WHR025)
  • Wickham Market: All Saints (WKM008); Riverside View Industrial Estate (WKM014)
  • Wilby: The Nest (WBY022) [JNAS]; Church Farm (WBY027) [JNAS]
  • Willingham St Mary: Irrigation Reservoir (WSM005)
  • Willisham: Tye Lane (WLS005)
  • Wissett: Bleach Farm (WSS001)
  • Withersfield: Site WTH011
  • Wixoe: Kirtling Green to Wixoe pipeline (WIX020) [BHAM]
  • Woodbridge: 22-24 Chapel Street (WBG026); Woodbridge School (WBG029); Notcutts Nursery (WBG030-031); Brookside, Brook St (WBG077) [JNAS]; Crown Place (WBG079) [JNAS]
  • Worlingham: Land off Lowestoft Road (WGM006-008)
  • Wortham: Cherry Tree Farm (WTM044, 047, 048) [OAE]; Mellis Road (WTM 047) [NPS]
  • Yoxford: Butcher's Shop (YOX016); Old High Road (YOX023) [NPS]


Post-Roman pottery reports for the following sites [all NAU/NPS unless otherwise noted]:

  • A11 Roudham Heath to Attleborough
  • Acle to Yarmouth area flood deence works [HW]
  • Acle: Acle Community Excavation (50513)
  • Attleborough: Community Centre (41824ATT); Honeysuckle Way (ENF127653)
  • Aylsham: St Michael’s Hospital (40920AYL); Football Club (ENF125810)
  • Baconsthorpe: Castle (6561BTP)
  • Bacton to Kings Lynn pipeline sites [NETW]
  • Bacton: Captain’s Haunt (48982BAC); Witton to North Walsham pipeline (49123BAC)
  • Binham: Priory [NAT]
  • Bradenham: West Bradenham Borehole (ENF129024)
  • Bressingham: Chequers (ENF125240)
  • Brettenham: Land adjacent to Rushford Church (40919 BRT)
  • Burnham Market: Allotment Gardens (32791BVM); ‘Whitegates’, Beacon Hill Road (49125 BVM); Foundry Field (ENF129715)
  • Burnham Norton: Friary Cottage (124456)
  • Burnham Overy Staithe: Norfolk House [RPSC]
  • Caister: Castle (6871CBY); Uplands, Uplands Road (45329CBY); Caister-by-Yarmouth School (51819CBY)
  • Caistor St Edmund: Caistor Hall Hotel (49021CBN); Queen Anne House (51654CBN)
  • Carbrooke: School (8814CBK)
  • Colney: Norwich Research Park North (ENF 129669); Centrum car park, Norwich Research Park North (ENF130816)
  • Coltishall: Land off Scottow Road (ENF 127893); Land North of Oak Grove, Scottow Road (ENF129914)
  • Congham: St Andrew’s Lane (ENF125088)
  • Cringleford: Roundhouse Park (51036CRF); Newfound Farm (ENF131288)
  • Ditchingham: Site 39221DTC
  • Downham Market: Crimplesham Quarry (50596DEW); Salter's Lode (50257DMW)
  • Earsham: Land at Kingsbridge (41644EAR)
  • East Bilney: Phase 1 (39348 BEY)
  • East Dereham: St Nicholas’ Church (2890)
  • East Rudham: Lime House (ENF129410) [JNAS]
  • East Winch: Grandcourt Quarry (ENF128503); Middleton Water Main Replacement (ENF124582)
  • Easton: Easton Quarry (36414EAS)
  • Field Dalling: Holt Road (ENF126075)
  • Fincham: Fairswell Manor (42689FNC)
  • Fleggburgh: The Laurels, Town Road (49898FLE)
  • Fransham: All Saints’ Church, Great Fransham (4206 FRA); Lane Farm, Little Fransham (51769)
  • Gayton: Wells Wondy Lane (ENF125979)
  • Gooderstone: 'South Wind' (41823GDS)
  • Gorleston: Wood Farm (11788YAR); 59-61 Beccles Road (ENF130931)
  • Great Cressingham: Priory Drove (37409CRG)
  • Great Yarmouth: St. Nicholas' Middle School (4333YAR); Lacon's Brewery (32585YAR); Howard Street (32763YAR) [RPSC]; Market Gates Shopping Centre (33403YAR & 50288YAR); Wood Farm, Gorleston; Site 11788YAR; 55 North Quay (51512) [HW]; Land off Deneside to the rear of 59 King Street (ENF125279) [NOR]; St George's (ENF125506) [HW]; Greyfriars Lighthouse (ENF128318)
  • Happisburgh: North Walsham Road (ENF130225)
  • Hemsby: Former Village Store (41649 HMY)
  • Hethersett: Myrtle Road (41869HET)
  • Hillington: Norfolk Hospice (ENF127089); Highways Depot (ENF128198)
  • Hingham: Bell Meadow (50456HNG)
  • Holme-next-the-Sea: Church (1346); EDF Energy Cable Trench (52523)
  • Horsford: Holt Road (ENF126529)
  • Hunstanton: 2 Wodehouse Road (50023 HVN)
  • Langley: Langley Abbey (ENF124332) [JNAS]
  • Kimberley: B1108 Drainage Road, Station Road (ENF 125161)
  • Kings Lynn: Vancouver Centre (1191KLY); The Shrubbery (42824KLY); Town Hall (5480KLY); Church Street (33517KLY); Corona Depot (39860KLY); Southgate Street (40728 KLY); BT Telephone Exchange Car Park, Paradise Road (41951 KLY); Central Tyres Depot, Friars Street (41997KLY); Donaldson’s Cockle Sheds, Hextable Rd (49124KLY); Cresswell St. (50078KLY); Marks & Spencer (51547KLY); Former Dairy Depot, Austin Street (ENF123670) [OAE]; Boal Quay (ENF125290); Greyfriars (ENF127223); College of West Anglia (ENF127647)
  • Lingwood: Primary School (ENF131709)
  • Little Melton: Land adjacent to A47 (50209MLL)
  • Loddon: 47 Bridge Street (41643 LDD)
  • Mileham: Burwood Hall (7230MLH); Mileham Hall (ENF126458); The Street (ENF129840)
  • Morley St Botolph: Morley Primary School (ENF127717)
  • Narborough: Chalk Lane (ENF127745)
  • New Buckenham: Old Village Hall (51520BVC)
  • North Creake: Site 32630
  • North Wootton: Plot 1, Manor Road (ENF127741)
  • Norwich: Castle St (28N); Cathedral (226N, 41825N); St. George's Street (340N); Distribution Depot, King Street & St Annes Wharf (374N); St Andrew's Hall/Blackfriars (428N); Castle Mound (429N, 41733N); Dragon Hall (449N); Cinema City (605N); Samson & Hercules (704N); Coslany Street (26435N); Millennium Library (26437N); Busseys (26442N); 25 Tombland, Norwich (26459N); Reed's Flour Mill (26467N, 41776N); Golden Ball St (26496N); Oak Street (26503N, 26523N, 48921N); 30-32 St Giles St. (26504N); Nestle (26527N); Millennium Plain (26594N); Whitefriars (26598N) [OAE]; Duke's Palace (37652N); Chantry House (38128-9N); Hostry (39445N); 9-11 London Street (39604N); Ber St (39789N, 45439N); Fishergate (40497N); Bus Station (40504N); Market (40773N); Nelson St (41648N); Notre Dame (41946N); Greyfriars (41958N); 143 Magdalen St (41996N); Cat & Fiddle, Magdalen St (43297N); St Benedict's St (44458N, 51320N) [OAE]; Norwich School (45375N, 50283N); Cathedral Sewer (45440N); 258 King St (48962N); All Saints Green (49706N); Bedford St (49769N); St Augustine's (49777N); Duke St (49778N); Bishopgate (49837N); Zipfels Court (49838N); River Wensum (49950N); Whitefriars roundabout (49952N); 174 King St (50067N); Anglia Square (50581-4N); Daynes Sports Centre (51338N); Norwich High (51398N); Fleming Building (51413N); Chapelfield well (51497N); Rose Lane (51534N); Calvert St (51566N) [OAE]; 67-69 Magdalen St (51609N); Cathedral Close (51619N); Anglia Square (ENF124825) [OAE]; Bridewell (ENF125182); East Garth (ENF126607); Ferry Boat (ENF126874); Cathedral Garth Lighting (ENF129377) [NOR]; King St (ENF129481); Sussex St (ENF129571); St Mary's Alley (ENF130250); Trowse (ENF130461); Beckham Place (ENF131521); Starling Road (ENF132204); 65a Pottergate (AFHA 01.174)
  • Old Buckenham: Ottomer Cottage (ENF127510) [NOR]
  • Old Catton: Spixworth Rd (44786CTN)
  • Pentney: Abbey Gatehouse (ENF128829)
  • Postwick with Witton: Norwich NDR (49758PST)
  • Reepham: St Mary’s (49886REP)
  • Sea Palling: Waxham Barns (44218 SEP)
  • Sheringham Shoals project (various sites)
  • Shipdham: Land off Church Close (42664SHP)
  • South Burlingham: St Edmund’s Church (ENF131954)
  • South Creake: Waterden Church (1976 CRS)
  • South Walsham: Break o’ day (ENF124705)
  • South Wootton: Site 19715WTS
  • Spixworth: Crostwick Lane (ENF131139)
  • Stalham: 133 High Street (52563)
  • Taverham: Reepham Road (30315 TAV)
  • Terrington St Clement: Churchgate (51397TSC)
  • Thetford: Mill Lane (1022THD); Jubilee Close (5756THD); Library (32339THD); Grammar School (40168THD); Museum (41646THD); London Road (42573THD); Old Market St. (42852THD); Bury Rd (50547THD); Queensway (ENF126978); Raymond St (ENF127455); Riverside (ENF130430) [SCCAS]; 1 Newtown (ENF126533) [JNAS]
  • Walpole: West Drove (WESDRO13) [Fenland]
  • Watlington: 60 Acre Field (39457–8 WAG)
  • Watton: Sewerage Treatment Works (4697WAT)
  • Wells-next-the-Sea: Corner House, Staithe St (41754WNS); Jolly Sailor Yard (ENF126681); Former Festival Amusements Site (ENF129183)
  • Wereham: Land South of Manor House(50549 WER)
  • West Acre: Abbey House (ENF128624); Mains Replacement Scheme (ENF131262)
  • West Winch: Flood Alleviation (3374)
  • Weybourne: Weybourne Priory (ENF129412)
  • Whissonsett: Church Close (40453WHS); North View Drive (44708WHS)
  • Wighton: Buddell Lane (358003WGH) [RPSC]
  • Wilby: Meadow Farm (29582QVD)
  • Wimbotsham: Moated site (11874WIM); Anglian Water Pipeline (48964WMB)
  • Winterton: Duffles Pond (ENF130878)
  • Wymondham: Land south of Norwich Common (ENF 126711); Town Green (ENF128720)


Post-Roman pottery reports for the following sites [all HAT unless otherwise noted]:

  • Bottisham: St Peter’s Field (ECB3000) [NPS]
  • Ely: 49-55 Lynn Road (HAT 410); Land adj to Ely House (ECB 2645) [NPS]
  • Gamlingay: Station Road (HAT 257)
  • Godmanchester: Cardinal Distribution Park (HAT 339)
  • Hinxton: Lordship Farm (HAT 385)
  • Isleham: Isleham–Mildenhall pipeline [NAU]
  • Leverington: 55 Dowgate Road (ECB3621) [NPS]
  • Longstanton [BHAM]
  • March: 14 Market Place (ECB 3646) [NPS]
  • Peterborough: Minerva Business Park (HAT 366); Itter Crescent (PETITC11) [OAE]
  • St. Ives: The Priory (HAT 268)
  • Sawston: Spicers Warehouse (BA1886) [BHAM]
  • West Lynn: Freebridge House (R4210) [RPSC]
  • Whittlesey: Former Burdett Nurseries (ECB3708) [NPS]
  • Wimblington: Eastwood End (ECB3665) [NPS}
  • Wisbech: Smedley Trust Building (ECB 3596) [NPS]


Post-Roman pottery and/or CBM reports for the following sites:

  • Abberton: sites BA1987 & BA2007 [BHAM]
  • Braintree: Bocking Hall (BOCKBK12) [JNAS]
  • Clacton: St John’s Road (CSSJ09-10) [NPS]
  • Great Dunmow: St Mary’s Primary [NPS]
  • Great Leighs: Leez Priory (GLLP11) [JNAS]
  • Pleshey: Devas (PY16) [JNAS]
  • Saffron Walden: 1-3 Market Hill (SW54) [NPS]
  • Stanway to Layer Anglian Water Pipeline [NPS]
  • West Ham: Church Street (CWJ07) [L-P]
  • Witham: The Maltings (WHML00) [Essex CC]
  • Woodham Walter: St Michael's Church (WWSM13) [JNAS]


Post-Roman pottery and CBM reports for the following sites:

  • Pertenhall: Manor Farm [OAE]


Post-Roman pottery abd CBM reports for the following sites:

  • Spalding: Ayscoughfee Hall (SAHG08) [NPS]; Red Lion Street (SRLS 07) [NPS]


Post-medieval pottery and CBM reports for the following sites:

  • Cardigan: Castle [NPS]
  • Cloggau, Radnorshire: Neuadd Barn [CPAT]


Post-Roman pottery reports for the following sites [all CFA]:

  • Carnoustie, Angus: Newton Farm
  • Falkirk: Rosebank Distillery
  • North Berwick, East Lothian: Forth Street; Old Abbey Road
  • Crarae Gardens, Furnace
  • Dunmore: 6 Fairfields, Moss Road