Burial archaeology papers and reports

Published papers and reports on burial archaeology by Sue Anderson

    Anderson, S., 2009, 'Phase 3: the post-setting and burials', in Rees, A., 'The excavation of an Iron Age unenclosed settlement and an Early Historic multiple burial and metalworking area, at Hawkhill, Lunan Bay, Angus', Tayside Fife Archaeol. J. 15.

    Anderson, S., 2013, 'The Cemeteries', in Tester, A., Anderson, S., Riddler, I and Carr, R.D., Staunch Meadow, Brandon, Suffolk. A High Status Middle Saxon Settlement on the Fen Edge, E. Anglian Archaeol.

    Anderson, S. and Boyle, K. (eds.), 1996, Ritual Treatment of Human and Animal Remains. Procs. First Meeting of the Osteoarchaeological Research Group. Oxford: Oxbow.