Inside Castle Rising Castle

Inside the forebuilding, we find the Great Staircase, one of the few surviving examples of this form of entrance in England.

great staircase
romanesque column capital

"Phew! That was some climb." Beany Z rests on some Romanesque column capitals halfway up the stairs.

At the top of the staircase, through the main doorway in Norman times, we arrive in a small room. To our left, is the original doorway into the great hall, blocked by the insertion of a tiled fireplace in the 16th century. The fireplace is decorated with Bawsey-type relief floor tiles of 13th century date. These are slightly worn and must have been recovered from elsewhere in the castle or from a nearby church.

inside the keep

The great hall is now roofless and floorless. There was a large basement below it, today accessed through a Tudor doorway at the bottom of the great staircase, and a great chamber above. The roof trusses rested on decorated corbels in the shape of heads and grotesque masks.

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